Rejkjær textiles are hand-loomed and the weaving process is completely manuel. All the textiles, garments, rugs and products are created by Dorthe Rejkjær in her studio on Aeroe - Denmark


From sheep to garment

From sheep to yarn
From sheep to yarn

The main material suppliers to the products are Danish Gotlænder wool, and wool from my Spelsau breed sheeps. It takes several tecknical process before the raw wool is transformed into the final weaving yarn 

From yarn to textile
From yarn to textile

Every design starts with a sketching and design process, where I work with form, patterns colors, tactility and of course the yarn. 

From textile to Garment
From textile to Garment

Before the final textile is woven, a lot of decisions has to be taken. Several samples are woven before the final textile. When the textile is finish the next step is to cut, hand sew and finishing the garments and products before it's delivered to the store or directly to "made on order" customers.


Woven garment textiles

Wool suppliers

Spelsau sheeps


Winding the warp before setting up the loom

Press and reviews

Circular Fashion & Textile DAYS 2022
Circular Fashion & Textile DAYS 2022

plus brands are designing a more circular future

More than forty Danish fashion- and
textile brands exhibit products and
solutions based on the Circular Economy during Copenhagen Fashion Week on
August 10th-12th. Rejkjær Textiles one of them.

The Circular Fashion & Textile
Days exhibition is focused on the Circular Economy and is hosted by
Lifestyle & Design Cluster in partnership with CIFF, during
Copenhagen Fashion week.

The exhibition will show 40 Danish fashion- and textile brands,
platform- and service providers, that work with circularity as part of their
business model. Some of the exhibitors have built their business on circular
principles – others are in the process of adapting their existing business to
embrace elements of circularity.

The exhibitors were selected from a high number of applicants and based
on their merits within the Circular Economy.

Med Hannah Ryggen mot HÅP i 2022
Med Hannah Ryggen mot HÅP i 2022

"Olavsfest er stolte over å kunne fortelle at tema for året der festivalen feirer 60 år blirHÅP, og at den visuelle profilen henter formspråk og inspirasjon fra Hannah Ryggen (1894-1970). Den internasjonalt anerkjente vevkunstneren som ble født i Sverige men som bodde og produserte det meste av sin kunst på Ørlandet"

I was so privileged to participate in this magnificent project together with 3D designer and artist Martin Brinks. We created the beuatiful "digital wowen posters" for the festival.

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Project funding
Project funding

In the spring of 2021, I was so honored l to receive a work grant from the Milistry of Culture Denmark - "Genstartartpulje"

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3daysofdesign 2020 - 3.-5. September in Copenhagen
3daysofdesign 2020 - 3.-5. September in Copenhagen

Dahlman x HÅNDVÆRK bookazine / Rigetta Klint proudly and with respect for tradition as a foundation for renewal presents craftsmanship and design by the following artisans, craft makers and designers.

Andersen & Berner
Chalk Copenhagen
Daggry Cph
Decideret Cider
Dorthe Rejkjær
Dusk Blomster
Jonas Als
Karin Carlander
Maj-britt Zelmer Olsen
Mott Skrædderi
Tina Marie
Århus Possementabrik


Rigetta Klint is behind the web mag HÅNDVÆRK and the print bookazine HÅNDVÆRK.
Rigetta is a designer, writer and photographer. She has published this important and relevant second bookazine issue - Textile. In the bookazine you can read more about my work and island life. 

The bookazine is published in danish and english.

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I am glad to announce this interesting corporation - Live The Scandu Life.

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