Rejkjær is a Danish textile and garment brand established in 2018 by weaver and designer Dorthe Rejkjær located on the small island Aeroe - Denmark
Aesthetic sustainability and the craft of use

Rejkjær creates unique wardrobe pieces and releases them one at a time to create a well and highly curated small range of minimal designs. 

Use expands feelings and with that in mind, the products are of high quality and good design created from high quality materials produced locally with focus on environmental sustainability.


Design for circularity and how we work on circular economy.

Rejkjær's products are aesthetically sustainable and designed for circularity.

A key part of designing for circularity is to understand all stages throughout the entire value cycle and make sure that they speak to each other.

For instance at Rejkjær, it is valued that the yarn and wool that is used in the Rejkjær products is produced as locally as possible in order to save C02 emissions and achieve traceability and transparency.  

Each product is unique and made with long durability and circularity in mind. The products are designed for disassembly, which supports the ability to renew or upcycle the products. Through a co-creation process, the customer can influence colours and details in the design, laying the foundation for a long-lasting relationship between product and wearer. In addition, all textiles are made and designed to minimise waste. The materials are mainly wool from sheep raised on the same small island where we works, designs and produces. Furthermore, we offers lifelong repair and "take back" service for the customers favourite coat, which then can be up-cycled for a new use and application. 

Read more about that in the menu: Lifelong repair & Take-back.

Yarn is essential to ensure circularity and the long-lasting products. The yarn is made from Danish wool and locally produced. Some of it is leftover wool which is usually burned.



Owner and founder Dorthe Rejkjær have been studying theoretical and practical weaving at the Danish Textile School - Dansk Tekstillaug - Faglige uddannelse i skaftevæv - in a four year study.
Art School Ignatius.dk 
Ærø Art school
Based on my designs and your wishes, I offer on-order design and personal made clothing. 
If you have any questions please contact me.
Instagram: dorthearejkjaer