Rejkjær is a Danish textile and garment brand established in 2018 by weaver and designer Dorthe Rejkjær who lives on the small island Aeroe - Denmark, where the weaving studio is located.
Aesthetic sustainability

I create favorite wardrobe pieces and releases them one at a time to create a well and highly curated small range of minimal designs. This unique approach allows me to focus on what we care the most of, and taking the time to design and develop the best possible products.

In my work I catalyzes creation of co-operative, socio economic, co-operations and business partnerships, where Aeroe micro businesses is working together in developing new sustainable quality fibers and accessory products a cross the world. 

Late 2017 I left Copenhagen and moved to Aeroe. I turned upside down, and left my job as entrepreneurial and innovation consultant.
 I now exclusively work with my textile design and weaving.
I have studied theoretical and practical weaving at the Danish Textile School in a four year study.
Studied at SKALS - The Danish School for design and craft
Art School Ignatius.dk 
Based on my designs and your wishes, I offer on-order design and tailor made clothing.