Lifelong repair & Take-back

Repair rather than throwing away!

My responsibility does not end with a sale of an Rejkjær creation. I want to be a lifelong companion for the customer. This means, that I offer lifelong repair service for your favourite Rejkjær coat or jacket. The repair service is part of the price.

If your Rejkjær creation gets damaged or worn, together we find a way to repair the "damage" with respect for textile, design and your wishes. Often the solution is not to hide the "damaged" part, but instead make the repair a new interesting detail.


The Rejkjær philosophy is based on circular sustainability. Therefore, Rejkjær offers to transform your Rejkjær coat into a new product if you one day, do not either use the coat or intend to dispose it.

Rejkjær offers to take (buy) back your Rejkjær coat. The coat will then be upcycled for a new use and application. This prolongs the life of the product and will make joy elsewhere. Please contact me for further information.