Systematic experimentation - the value of samples

Posted by Dorthe Rejkjær on

This post is about experimentation and the value of approaching creative work by working systematicilly and experimental with samples.
Because I appreciate this systematically approach is, that it "pushes":
- me to even more experimentation
- the creative boundaries,
and helps making important mistakes. All phenomena that supports a more personal visual expression and identity.
The "what if..." question automatically leads to a broader stage of valuable creation that I never will experience, if I had gone with the more "hit and miss" approach.
Systematically experimentation is for me a question about focus, goal, plan and progress.
It also helps me getting started, especially if I feel stocked in my work progress.
The ongoing experimentation helps my stay tuned into what I have in mind, my idea and plan, and creates a more clear path forward. The result is, that not that easily stagnete, which I feel quite frustrating. Not said, that everything must be in "flow", and that frustration is bad - not at all, but the more systematically approach for me, is more about creating a creative space embraced of limitations and at the same time without having to think too much about the final result . A space where I can play with yarn qualities, techniques, colors, make mistakes and most important, a space as a platform for reflection.
It is not just a matter of building up a huge collection of samples, but more a matter of building up a library in which I can visit again and again - as going back to a collection of important knowledge, techniques, notes - findings that I later on can bring into my future textile designs.
As a supplement to the woven sample I write findings and notes that is relevant and important. Characteristics, feelings ect. about the sample. It helps me quick and easy to find inspiration and knowledge that I bring into further designs.
To ensure the possibility - as an ongoing process - i have a loom that I have "allocated" to sample making. A loom that I know very well and is easy to tie-up, it also helps me to support the feeling af progress.

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